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Unfolded Red Box Secret Of Living Unit

The particular Design is a form of integrated kitchen, bathroom, bed and storage which packed into a single unit of box. The project named Interior Living Unit.  No one knows what is inside when the red box is still closed. As the box is open, there would be unfolded red box secret of living unit. The designer manages to put great innovation of combining thing which is very helpful for the movers. The compact design lets the moving become easier. (more…)

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Space Saving Foldable Origami Table By Collaborated Designer

simple appearance space saving furntiure design

Sigrid Strömgren & Sanna Lindström gives decent design of modern dining table called Grand Central. With the foldable contemporary furniture capability, this minimalist color contemporary furniture design offers the high level furniture function and high level furniture portability. This contemporary furniture design rehearses the origami law in simple appearance unfolded dining table. This is the typical contemporary furniture design that would give decent furniture application to be placed in the house made in Sawali. This space saving foldable origami table by collaborated designers keeps the modern living style in good accommodation. (more…)

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Red Color Room Package By Paul Coudamy

This package of furniture is slide-able mechanism of room furniture which gives full shape of room and its feature as soon as being unfold.  This red color room package by Paul Coudamy gives portable option for contemporary living style in big cities. It would also perfectly suit the European modern house design with small house design and concept. Called the Red Nest, the design by Paul Coudamy gives new horizon about creating the space saving mechanism in a big small house design for heavily populated cities. The French designer gives thoughtful solution for creating modern living space. (more…)

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