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Award Winning Patio Extension By David Mikhail Architects

modern house extension with beautiful interior renovation

Although applying different interior design emphasizing with the ICU design photos, this modern interior design extension gives narrow living room plan its best modern interior design application. David Mikhail Architects creates decent interior design improvement of this British contemporary interior design innovation. This award winning patio extension by David Mikhail Architects shows the inspiring contemporary interior design example. (more…)

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House Of Culture Brilliant Award Winning Design

The serial of three buildings by the MVRDV and ADEPT has been finished in the design. It is the award winning design. The Dutch and Danish companies manage to complete the house of culture brilliant award winning design. The activities of people from various range of age are accommodated in the particular award winning design. Various activities would also be rehearsed in the particular building. (more…)

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Award Winning Modern House Renovation To The 1961 House

This house is the finished result of old house remodeling. The modern touches give the house magnificent appearance of modern house remodeling and luxurious appearance of superbly renovated old house building. Jon Anderson Architects gives the award winning modern house renovation to the 1961 house building by Mossman and Gladden. The modern porch toward the well designed swimming pool possesses wonderful appearance. The modern blue color design swimming pool shows the elegance of the concept. Other than the elegance of interior arrangement, the exterior arrangement is also fully enjoyable. (more…)

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