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Very Compact Living Space Family Residence

apartment interior designThe particular magnificent design of great Japanese apartment design gives cozy life for Japanese family with few kids. The upright design of the particular apartment keeps the living space of the small apartment adequate for the whole family and their complex activities. This Japanese very compact living space management keeps the family in great and normal living state. The design by Naoto Mitsumoto and Naoko Hamana is the thoughtful renovation from the previous apartment to keep the family gets better accommodation of the particular Tokyo apartment.  Under the mihadesign the apartment renovation runs well enough o serve the need of modern family residence with five family members. (more…)

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Compact Design Of Minimalist Apartment By i29

apartment interior designThe particular modern design example is thoughtful compact design of modern apartment. The great design from i29 | interior architects shows how minimalist and compact apartment design could be applied together on different part of the apartment. Since the apartment is one of modern apartment n Amsterdam, surely that the apartment would not give decent example of simple Asian house design. The simplicity of modern apartment design is applied also through the additional neutral white color of the particular modern living place design. There is integrated bench furniture on this contemporary apartment design pictures. It’s a great genuine compact design of minimalist apartment by i29 | interior architects. (more…)

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Compacting Small Compact Apartment For Coziness

apartment interior designEast Village Studio shows the way of compacting small compact apartment for coziness sake. The result of the thoughtful design of this small apartment may come in the form of comfortable working studio, or small apartment workshop places. The ‘tend to upright’ apartment arrangement lets the ground more spacious. The living room which is also functions as studio sitting lounge uses the multifunctional room design, workshop place, offices and the room for socializing. The wood material in most part of the house gives the small apartment enough warmth. (more…)

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