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Modern European Airy Loft Interior Transformation In Paris

moder wood flooring loft design

apartment interior designThe white color of this modern loft design draws my attention by presenting the most basic color of minimalist modern interior design. I love the impression of white basic design frame in white and interior color usage on the particular contemporary interior design of loft concept in Paris. The designer of this contemporary interior design example manages to create minimalist interior design with various interior item color variation. The different inter rooms flooring design gives more excitement on this modern example contemporary interior design in French. (more…)

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Warm Loft Interior Atmosphere Design By Stefan Holemann

modern bedroom in great color

apartment interior designAs soon as you give the first glance on this interior design, there would be certain different feeling attached on your main. If you ask me, I feel the gentle warmth on the particular loft design. The wood color interior accent gives that feeling into my senses. This contemporary interior example is located in Zürich, Switzerland. Designed by Stefan Holemann, this contemporary interior design gives beautiful retro inspiration on the particular loft. The window of this design is plenty enough to give decent interior illumination. The retro atmosphere is somehow appears on the design too. (more…)

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Classy White Interior Design By Hofman Dujardin Architects

daylight illuminated contemporary living room design

apartment interior designThe feel of surrounded by white cloud and take a nice float within it is perhaps the best way to describe the potential interior atmosphere of this contemporary interior design. This magnificent high pitch illumination concept interior design keeps the flattering feeling of becoming the character of fairy tale attached calmly within our mind. The combination between glossy and doff application gives tantalizing interior appearance. This graceful interior design is the Dutch interior design by Hofman Dujardin Architects. The single color interior design keeps this beautiful interior design in great availability of beautifully created interior imagination put into real life. Called P.C.Hoofstraat Apartment, this one of the most beautiful white color apartment interior design in Europe gives decent modern life support. (more…)

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